FISH FINGERS Imported from Ireland 12 pc

donegal fish fingers.jpg
donegal fish fingers.jpg

FISH FINGERS Imported from Ireland 12 pc


Breaded FISH FINGERS Imported from Ireland 12 pieces per pkg.
Available frozen, ready to cook FROZEN in 12-15 min. Do NOT defrost. Boneless & Skinless. Cook in the oven at 420 F, or grill.
Perfect for lunch or dinner. The authentic flavor isn't salty or greasy - just right! Sustainably fished. Caught in the Atlantic just off the west coast of Ireland, Donegal Catch Fish fingers are made with 100% Fish Fillets naturally rich in Omega 3.

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A traditional food in Ireland, England, Wales, & Scotland

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Part of a traditional meal, this wonderful fish is a Goldenberry customer favorite!